Taxi boards are made of Translucent Opal Veralite (PET). With lighting that can be LED or classic light bulbs, the board itself is superbly illuminated, which improves to better night’s visibility.

Beside large selection of models, there is an option to create a board at your request.
Standard dimensions are 60cm wide, 10cm thick and 17cm high.

We also offer the option of embossing details on boards such as numbers, name, etc., which makes it difficult to falsify the board.

When choosing a board, we provide three branding options:

  • Cut foil that is colored and cut, and after that glued to the board.
  • PVC sticker printed with solvent UV colors.
  • Painting the board with PVC paint.

The panel is illuminated by LED strips, which have 30000 operating hours of working life.