Medan can provide you with an almost unlimited selection of large-sized 3D models with incredible printing speed for production of commercials, promotions, high-level marketing, unique products, specially exhibited displays and more.

You can enjoy creating complex forms, models that can be hollow or illuminated from the inside. You can even use 3D printed objects as a model for making molds or for using them.

You can even combine two or more pieces together so you can get amazing and unique 3D models of enormous size.

Once you finish producing your desired model, you get a 3D model that is lightweight and durable. The size of the 3D model exiting the printer is:

More about the printer

Massivit 3D printing technology is a solution for 3D printing of large format models. Using its printing and gel technology developed by the Massivit team, Dimengel is an acrylic gel with several outstanding features. Quick and economical production of super-sized attractive 3D signs, displays and various props is provided. Massivit 3D Printer has the ability to print at extreme speed.